Primera Hora May 4 2002

English Translation

KISSNATION with a Boricua (in their midst)

With almost 30 years of musical history it is not just by chance that anywhere between 30-50 bands are dedicated to pay tribute to the world famous Hard Rock band KISS! And tonight at the Hard Rock Cafe in Old San Juan, livers of the legendary quartet will have the opportunity to enjoy KISSNATION a band that specializes in the music and which continues to enjoy an army of followers worldwide.

 Carlos Espada, born in Ponce but raised in N.Y has had ties to KISS some he was 4 years old, when he happened to have seen the original band on the small screen (TV)

 "The first time that I saw them was on a TV program. I thought that they were superheroes, but my brother made it clear that it was about a rock band", said Espada, who has consulted the Art Asylum design team on two lines of KISS toys for Gene Simmons (whom he symbolizes) Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, the original band members.

 "We were invited to participate in the second KISS Expo. It's all a celebration for a group that's been active in the music industry for almost 30 years. It is difficult for us to concentrate on any particular KISS era since they have so many great songs, but we will try to please everyone". Other then Espada, KISSNATION is comprised of Paulie Z, Joey Cassada and Ruby Rinekso.

 The Expo will be in full gala with presence of Eric Singer, KISS' bonafide drummer, who will be working with Alice Cooper.

 "This is my first time in Puerto Rico and I am anxious to see the world renown Puerto Rican women."

 "At these events fans get the chance to buy and sell KISS related merchandize and paraphernalia. Plus they get to show some love to a group that has touched so many generation" declared Singer to Primera Hora from Los Angeles.

 The musician confessed that even though he was part of KISS, at one time he owned an extensive collection;

 "I had to dispose of it. I didn't have any more room at home; I had so many items, especially from the seventies, that I had to get out of it. I kept a few of my items like my instruments. I'll share with the fans is I hope that everyone brings their collectibles and memorabilia to be autographed".